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   TiltingSun3 + TiltingSun-G Download          TS3.0.0  TSG3.3.0  March 19, 2011

You may freely download the TiltingSun programs for personal use. You may not re-distribute TiltingSun freely or otherwise on web sites or by any other means.   Please acknowledge their use when used in published graphics, .    ©2006, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2016 L Cowley
TiltingSun and TiltingSun-G runs on Windows10* and earlier Windows versions. Memory and hard drive requirements are insignificant.

    To download and install TiltingSun3 and TiltingSun-G:
(1) DOWNLOAD "tiltsun300.zip" HERE (2.2MB).
(2) EXTRACT (do not RUN) into a temporary folder.
(3) RUN 'setup.exe'. When prompted chose a folder for the program files or use the suggested default which is usually c:\Program Files\....

(4) RUN 'TiltingSun300.exe' from the program files folder or a shortcut. TiltingSun-G can be run from TiltingSun.
  The installation files have been virus checked. Installation puts only standard Microsoft systems files into other than the designated folder. Most are already present on some Windows versions and the TiltingSun installer will not then overwrite them.

*  One user has reported an issue with Windows 10 - see Issues for a resolution route.

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