Articles About Atmospheric Science, Meteorology, and Climatology

OPOD - Wales Blue Flash

This article explores the rare atmospheric phenomenon known as the blue flash, which occurs as the sun sinks below the horizon. It delves into the science behind this captivating event and discusses its infrequency compared to the green flash.

Sky Wide Rays

This article explores the phenomenon of sky wide rays, discussing their origins, characteristics, and the science behind their formation. It also highlights the captivating beauty of these rays and the role of photography in capturing their fleeting moments.

Atmospheric Halos

This article explores the formation, characteristics, and science behind atmospheric halos, showcasing their mesmerizing allure and diverse shapes. It also highlights the role of weather, technology, and photography in studying and capturing the magic of these captivating optical displays.

Glory over Greenland

This article explores the captivating optical phenomenon of glories, which are mesmerizing displays of colored rings radiating from a central point in the sky. It delves into the science behind glories, revealing the intricate beauty and complexity of these phenomena.

Hoar Frost Crystals - OPOD

This article explores the mesmerizing world of hoar frost crystals, examining their formation, intricate structures, and optical phenomena. It highlights the enchanting beauty of hoar frost and its ability to transform the winter landscape into a breathtaking spectacle.

OPOD - Corona 7 pl

The article discusses a stunning lunar corona phenomenon captured in Hungary, featuring multiple rings and patterns. It also highlights the role of altocumulus lenticularis clouds and the conjunction with the Pleiades cluster in enhancing the beauty of the corona.

Moon dogs - paraselene

This article explores the fascinating atmospheric phenomenon of moon dogs, also known as paraselene, and provides a scientific explanation for their appearance through atmospheric optics principles. It also discusses their connection to other halo phenomena, their cultural significance, and offers tips on capturing them through photography.

Today's Feature Incredible Twilights

This article explores the recent series of extraordinary twilights in Europe, examining alternative explanations such as tropospheric haze and aerosol buildup or the presence of Type 1 polar stratospheric clouds. It highlights the captivating beauty and intense colors of these phenomena while emphasizing the ongoing research into atmospheric optics.

A perfect rainbow

This article explores the captivating beauty of a perfect rainbow, discussing its composition, the presence of additional bows, and the subtle mixtures of colors. It emphasizes that while scientific simulations can help understand these phenomena, witnessing the true magnificence of nature's rainbows firsthand is an unparalleled experience.

Corona versus aircraft window colours - OPOD

This article explores the captivating optical phenomena of coronas and birefringence seen through aircraft windows, providing insights on how to capture and identify these colorful displays in the sky.

The Gegenschein, interplanetary dust scattering, opposition effect

This article explores the gegenschein, interplanetary dust scattering, and the opposition effect, revealing the captivating phenomena that contribute to the luminosity of the night sky. It delves into the interplay between sunlight, dust particles, and shadow hiding to unravel the secrets behind this elusive atmospheric glow.

Multiple displays

This article explores the fascinating phenomenon of multiple displays in atmospheric optics, delving into their causes and the stunning visual effects they create. It discusses the coexistence of various atmospheric optical phenomena, such as halos, rainbows, and sundogs, and highlights the beauty and significance of these displays in providing insights into the composition and behavior of atmospheric particles.

OPOD - Two Crescents - Moon and Circumzenithal Arc

This article explores the captivating phenomenon of two crescents in the sky - one belonging to the Moon and the other to a circumzenithal arc. It delves into the science behind this enchanting atmospheric optics event, highlighting the interplay of sunlight, ice crystals, and the angle of the Sun in creating this celestial display.

High & Low Green Flashes

This article explores the captivating world of high and low green flashes during sunsets and sunrises, delving into their distinct appearances and characteristics based on the observer's position and atmospheric conditions. It provides unique insights into the interplay between density layers, temperature inversions, and the mesmerizing beauty of these optical phenomena in our skies.

Lunar Rays

This article explores the captivating world of lunar rays, including their formation, types, and transient nature, offering a glimpse into the wonders of atmospheric optics and the mesmerizing allure of these celestial beams.

OPOD - Opal

This article explores the intricate structure of opal and the science behind its vibrant display of colors, revealing it as a photonic crystal with boundless potential for applications in opto-electronics and other fields.

22º Halo Formation

This article explores the formation of the 22º halo, a circular halo of light around the sun or moon, delving into its intricacies and shedding light on lesser-known aspects. It discusses the deflection of rays and the minimum deviation effect, as well as the dark area inside the halo, the origin of colors, and the uncertainty surrounding crystal shapes.

Luci e colori del cielo, Lights and colorus of the sky

This article explores the captivating lights and colors of the sky, revealing the science and history behind atmospheric optics phenomena. With stunning images and detailed explanations, it provides a window into a world often unnoticed, inviting readers to embrace the magic that awaits them in the sky.

Montana Contrail Shadow

The article explores the fascinating Montana Contrail Shadow, a three-dimensional atmospheric phenomenon captured in an image by James Perdue. It delves into the factors that contribute to the formation of these shadows and highlights their significance in understanding atmospheric dynamics.

OPOD - Pileus & Shadows

This article explores the mesmerizing world of iridescent pileus clouds and the intriguing shadows they cast, offering insights into the formation of these clouds and the optical illusion created by the shadows.