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All day halos, Sweden

A collection by Måns Hagberg more fully documented on his homepage.   Near the end of the day a near perfect 22° halo shines over Fröjel, a medieval church with a heathen name.    All images ©Måns Hagberg,
Rays traced through randomly oriented crystals, horizontal columns and horizontal plates. The plates show no sundogs because the sun is too high.

Earlier in the day, halos over the church of Sproge. The circle is brighter at top and bottom. Colour subtraction enhancement reveals an outer circumscribed halo from horizontal column crystals.

Wind turbine blades cast 'crepuscular' ray shadows through hazy air.

Randomly oriented hexagonal ice prisms of some kind generate the 22° halo. No rays refract within it leaving a dark 'hole' in the sky.

Crystals ever change. Earlier at left a strong circumscribed halo fragment. Later at right, a clear 22° halo