Spain Diamond Dust Halos

Images by Miguel Pérez Ayúcar at Valdesqui, in the Madrid Sierra of Spain 1st February '11.

©Miguel Pérez Ayúcar, shown with permission.

" We were at the upper part of the Valdesqui mountain area. There was a cloud deck below us in the valley and moving up over the side of the mountain towards us. The wind was blowing uphill bringing a plethora of ice crystals.

We could see the 22deg halo, the parhelia, upper tangent, lower tangent and circumzenithal arcs with great detail. But also very neat the parhelic circle all around us, and a supralateral arc.

Then a bright colorful infralateral arc, the most colorful of all. And the lower sunvex Parry arc in shiny white!   Fantastic."


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HaloSim ray tracing for the approximate solar altitude of the display.

There is a third elusive Parry arc in the simulation.