Moonbows, Stars, Sunrise and Sun Rainbows, Patagonia, Chile by Stéphane Guisard (more images). ©Stéphane Guisard.

A few stills from Stéphane's spectacular nighttime to daytime time-lapse video.

"The weather in Patagonia is not clear very often. I set up my camera at Torres del Paine National Park under a rainy and totally covered sky. My intention was to make a time lapse movie of a Moonbow and its motion while the Moon was moving in the sky. This is what happened successfully in the second half of the night. What I was not expecting, at the end of the movie, was to fall asleep in my tent next to the camera while the Sun was already rising, showing also a nice classical "Sun rainbow" so that you can enjoy both a "Moon rainbow" and a "Sun rainbow moving on the same movie."

The top video still shows a moonbow made by the moon low in the east. The camera has caught the rainbow colours but the unaided eye mostly only sees a hint of them.

The stars wheel and clouds and showers cross the sky giving even more moonbows each getting lower and lower as the moon climbs and the centre of the rainbow directly opposite sinks. Eventually the moon is more than 42° high, the rainbow's radius, and no more bows are seen.

The wheeling stars dim and are hidden by the brightening sky of approaching dawn.

The sun rises, lighting the westward clouds rosy pink.

More bows appear, red from the low sun. Each bow shifts southwards as the sun climbs towards the north in the Southern Hemisphere sky.

Watch the video.  Filmed with 14mm lens on a Canon 5dII.

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