Sprinkler Bow ~ Imaged by Thomas Abbott at the Paardefontein National Antenna Test Range in South Africa. The sun was 56° high putting the top of the 42° radius bow well below the horizon.

All images ©Thomas Abbott, shown with permission

Rainbow Cone

Stretches from the eye with its axis pointing towards the antisolar point. The rainbow's rim is made by drops that happen to be near the cone's surface. Their distance along the cone does not matter. The rainbow behaves as though it is at infinity

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Sprinkler bows, like rainbows, are at infinity even though the droplets are nearby.   Move your head and they move with the sun and stars. 

If the sprinkler drops are a similar size to raindrops then the bow are indistinguishable from a rainbow except perhaps for the flash and sparkle of very close drops.   

Sprinklers, though, can provide a rather wider ranger of droplet sizes than ordinary rain.   They can have huge unstable drops down to those in a fine mist.    Smaller drops give wider and more pastel coloured bows.   Those from a sprinkler mist can resemble fogbows.