Spray bow - Yellowstone Lower Falls

Spray Bow - A Spectacular Natural Phenomenon at Yellowstone Lower Falls

When the mighty Yellowstone River cascades over the Lower Falls and plunges into the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, it creates a mesmerizing spectacle. Amidst this breathtaking display of nature's power, another fascinating phenomenon occurs - the spray bow. As the spray from the waterfall rises into the air, it forms a below-the-horizon rainbow that adds an extra touch of magic to the scene.

Spray bows come in various sizes and exhibit different degrees of color saturation, depending on the size of the water droplets in the spray. The interplay between light and water droplets creates a stunning visual effect that captivates onlookers.

The phenomenon of spray bows has been captured on camera by numerous photographers, including John Adam, who documented one such occurrence in July 2007. His photograph beautifully showcases the vibrant colors and delicate arc of the spray bow at Yellowstone Lower Falls.

Spray bows occur when sunlight interacts with tiny water droplets suspended in the air. As light passes through these droplets, it undergoes refraction, or bending, which causes it to disperse into its component colors. This dispersion is what creates the rainbow-like appearance of the spray bow.

To understand why spray bows appear below the horizon, we need to consider the angle at which sunlight enters the water droplets. When sunlight strikes the droplets at a specific angle, typically around 42 degrees, it undergoes internal reflection within the droplet and emerges at a different angle. This change in direction causes the light to bend away from the observer, creating the illusion that the spray bow is below the horizon.

The size and saturation of colors in a spray bow depend on several factors. Larger water droplets tend to produce broader and more intense rainbows, while smaller droplets create narrower and fainter ones. Additionally, the presence of impurities or contaminants in the water can affect the color saturation of the spray bow.

Spray bows are not limited to waterfalls like Yellowstone Lower Falls. They can also be observed in other natural settings where water droplets are present in the air, such as ocean waves crashing against cliffs or fountains dispersing water particles. Each instance of a spray bow is unique, offering a captivating display of light and water interaction.

To fully appreciate the beauty of a spray bow, it is best observed during sunny days when sunlight is abundant. The contrast between the vibrant colors of the bow and the surrounding landscape creates a stunning visual spectacle. Patience is key when trying to witness a spray bow, as they are ephemeral and can appear and disappear quickly.

In conclusion, the spray bow at Yellowstone Lower Falls is a remarkable natural phenomenon that adds an extra touch of wonder to an already awe-inspiring landscape. Its appearance is a result of the interaction between sunlight and water droplets in the spray, creating a below-the-horizon rainbow that enchants all who witness it. Whether visiting Yellowstone National Park or exploring other natural wonders, keep an eye out for spray bows and be prepared to be amazed by the magical dance of light and water.

Spray Bow

As the Yellowstone River spills over the Lower Falls into the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone its spray casts a below-the-horizon rainbow.

Spray bows vary in width and colour saturation depending on the size of the water droplets.

Imaged by John Adam (Mathematics in Nature) in July 2007.

©John Adam, shown with permission.

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