OpticsPOD Archive - Rays & Shadows

Anticrepuscular Rays, Gouda, The Netherlands

Teacup Optics

Earth Shadow & Belt of Venus, Alberta, Canada

Alpine Solar Rays, Italy

Window Caustics, Switzerland

Wildfire Smoke Skies, California, USA

Contrail Shadows, Germany

River in the Sky - Switzerland

City Rays, Calgary, Canada

Sky Wide Rays, Iran

Sky Wide Rays, Iran

Rays Venus Mercury, Italy

Cloud Shadows & Rays, Canary Islands, Spain

Moonrise Optics, Russia

Antisolar Rays, Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

Miraged Solar Eclipse, Iran

Reflected Crepuscular Rays, NY, USA

Mercury Transit Mirage, Iran

Crepuscular Rays,Canary Islands, Spain

Purple Light Continues - The Netherlands

Graphene Moire - Twistronics

Belt of Venus through Cambell-Stokes Recorder, Italy

The Antisolar Point, Arizona, USA

Ama Dablam Shadows, Nepal

In-Flight Optics, Canada

Volcanic Sunset, California, USA

Ray Ducting, Alderney, Channel Islands

Rays and Shadows, Hong Kong

Rain Sheet Screens, Colorado, USA

Antisolar Rays & belt of Venus, Hawaii, USA

Impressionist Reflections

Strange Antisolar Shadows

A Solidity of Rays, Australia

Belt of Venus, Antarctica

Earth Shadow & Belt of Venus, Paranal Observatory, Chile

Upwards Shining Sun?

Road Blink & Mirage, Idaho, USA

Mount Kinabalu Double Shadow, Borneo, Malaysia

Eclipse Shadow Bands on Clouds, Indonesia

Town Map in the Sky, Finland

Earth Shadow & Belt of Venus, Sweden

Cloud Shadows & Colours, USA

Tilting at Clouds, La Mancha, Spain

Vertical & Sideways Light Columns, Sweden

Venus Shadows & Rays, Hungary

Dutch Stll Life Reflections

Mountain Shadow & Sky Polarization, Morocco

Water Aureole, Chile

Antisolar Rays, Cornwall, England

Light Rings & Diffraction, Wales

River Ray Puzzle, Czech Republic

Clover Opposition Effect

Brocken Spectre & Glory, Slovakia

Fireweed Light Rings & Diffraction, Scotland

Opposition Effect Streak, Latvia

Mountain Shadow & Iridescence, Wales

Fogbow, Brocken Spectre & Glory, Russia

Brocken Spectre & Glory, Brecon Beacons, Wales

Worlds in Warped Water, Brazil

Storm Clouds, Rainbows & Rays, Ohio, USA

Strange Shadows, Finland

Reflected Rays, Kola Peninsula, Russia

Of mists and mellow fruitfulness, Finland

Alpine Mountain Shadows

Venetian Antisolar Rays

Brocken Spectre & Glory over Veszprém, Hungary

Contrail Shadow, Virginia

Water Aureole, Scotland

Sky Polarization, Golden Horn, Turkey


Mount Hood Shadow Spike

Kelvin-Helmholtz Clouds & Rays

Moiré Patterns

Contrail Shadow & Halo

Caustics vs Lenses

Antisolar Rays - Finland, Norway, Russia

Rainbow Spokes & Antisolar Rays

Earth Shadow & Canary Island Telescopes

Antisolar Rays & Moon, Reunion Island, Indian Ocean

Pileus, Colours, Shadows

High Sun Antisolar Rays

Mont Blanc shadow and spike

River in the Sky

Bernoulli & Kelvin Wakes

Mystery Streaks, The Netherlands

"Anticrepuscular Lasers"


The Great Pumpkin

Rainbows, Ghosts, Metals & Mirrors

Antisolar Rays, Bolivia

Of Rays, Bricks & Crystals

Cloud Shadows

Small Moon, Giant Shadows

Shadow Hiding, Opposition Effect

Moon rays & lighning

Glory & Brocken Spectre, Ireland

Flickering Sirius

Water Aureole, Wales

High Sun Antisolar Rays, Shetland

Moiré Patterns & Fringes

Contrail Shadow & Iridescence

Antisolar Rays

Perspectives on Mountain Shadows

A Year of Sunsets

Stockholm Spring Sunsets

Earth's Shadow, ESO Paranal Observatory

Moon Illusion, Ireland

Deceptive Ray - Melbourne, Australia

Fish World

Window Reflections

The Refracted Otter

Eclipse Optics, Shadow Bands

Full Moon & Shadow Hiding

What is it?

Siberian Optics

Stratospheric Anticrepuscular Rays

Cloud Rays & Shadows


Blue & White Sky

Ice & Water

Crescent Suns

Half Sky Shadow


Atmospheric Refraction - Venus

Strange Shadows

Leafy Pinhole Cameras

Sea Caustics

Viking Sunstone?

Siding Spring Optics

Rings of Two Kinds

Spider Web Light Rings

Butterflies & Waves

Winter Rays

Kite Opposition Effect

3D Contrail Shadow

Crossed Contrails

Glory & Brocken Spectre - Turkey

Twilight Arch & Earth's Shadow

Sundog Reflections - Skypools

Road Sign Optics

Lebanon Spotlights

La Cassiopea & Caustics

Cloud Mountain

Cape Town Antisolar Rays

Moonlight Rays, Stars, Lightning

Kitchen Optics & Light Rings

Multiple Contrail Shadows

Bent Glitter Paths

Earth's Shadow - Turkey

Strider Caustics

Year's first sunrise - Svalbard

Vocanic Sunsets from Africa

Antisolar Rays

Flight Optics

Mountain Rays

Mountain Shadow, Germany

Glows opposite the sun

Nepal Lunar Rays

Nepal Rays

Tuscany Light

Asymmetric Opposition Glow

Opposition Streak

Mountain Shadow Spikes

Blue Ridge Mountains Haze

Belt of Venus, Turkey

Skypools on Walker Pond

Dramatic Rays

Gobi Desert Glow

Earth Shadow

Sky Wide Rays

Trout & Optical Catastrophes

Lighthouse Glasses

Cape Cod Crepusculars

Fuji Shadow

Earth Shadow, California

Sky and Earth Shadows, Indian Ocean

Inverted Mountan Shadow

Near & Far, Australia

Anticrepuscular Rays, New Jersey

Omaha, Nebraska All Sky Rays

Santa Maria Shadow

Rays & Colours

Trees & Shadow Hiding

Dawn Anticrepusculars, Australia

3 in 1

Downward Rays, Hungary

Crepuscular Rays, Greece

Crepuscular Rays

Water Shadows

Disko Rays

Crosswalk Opposition Effect

Antisolar Rays, Norway

Petal Caustics

Twilight rays, Hungary


Crepuscular Rays, Dominican Republic

Two for One

Ribbed Halo

Shrinking head

Rays of Ra, Egypt

Red Skies

California Smoke Rays

Montana Contrail Shadow

Earh Shadow & Twilight Arch, Stockholm

Sarychev Skies

Contrail Shadows

Chromatic Flashes

Clouds, Linings & Volcano

Reflection Caustics

Glitter Paths

Cloud Shadows

All in a Flight

Contrails, Shadows, Engines

Road Blink

Etna Shadow

Sky Wide Rays

East & West

Lunar Crepuscular Rays

Fog Shadows, Hungary

Corrugated shadows

Finland Crepuscular Rays


Everest Alpenglow

Earth Shadow, Romania

Mediterranean Rays

Rays - 2 views

Yukon Opposition Glow


Sunward Earth's Shadow

Volcanic Skies

Sky Beam

Rainbow Spokes

Atlantic City Mist Shadows

3D Contrail Shadow



Cloud shadows and rays

Martian Opposition Glow

Shadow Hiding - Opposition Glow


Potomac in the sky ... June '08


Rays ~ Laramie, Wyoming

Shadow Colours

Earth's Shadow

Contrail Shadows

Cloud Shadows

Mountain Shadow

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