OpticsPOD Archive - Mirages, Refraction, Green Flash

OpticsPOD Archive - Mirages, Refraction, Green Flash

Welcome to the OpticsPOD Archive! In this extensive collection, we explore the fascinating world of atmospheric optics, specifically focusing on mirages, refraction, and the elusive green flash phenomenon. Prepare to be captivated by the breathtaking images and intriguing optical phenomena found within this compilation.

Mirages: Illusions in the Sky

Mirages are optical illusions that occur when light rays bend due to variations in air temperature. These mesmerizing phenomena often give the impression of distant objects appearing closer or distorted shapes hovering above the horizon. Let's delve into some of the captivating mirages captured in this archive:

  • North Sea Mirage, England: Witness the ethereal spectacle of ships and structures seemingly floating above the water's surface.
  • Scheveningen Mirage, The Netherlands: Experience the enchanting sight of an inverted cityscape reflected in calm waters.
  • Mercury Transit Mirage, Iran: Observe the illusion of a celestial event as the planet Mercury appears to pass across the Sun's disk.
  • Greenland Mirages: Marvel at the mirages that create otherworldly landscapes of towering icebergs and distant mountains.

Refraction: The Bending of Light

Refraction is the bending of light as it passes through different mediums. This phenomenon plays a significant role in the creation of various atmospheric optical phenomena. Explore some captivating examples from the OpticsPOD Archive:

  • In-Flight Optics, Canada: Discover the enchanting display of light bending around aircraft wings and creating colorful patterns.
  • Summer & Winter Fata Morganas, USA: Witness the mirage-like distortions that transform landscapes into surreal, elongated shapes.
  • Ray Ducting, Alderney, Channel Islands: Experience the phenomenon of rays of light following curved paths due to atmospheric conditions.

The Enigmatic Green Flash

The green flash is a fleeting burst of green light that sometimes occurs just before sunrise or after sunset. This optical phenomenon is caused by the refraction of sunlight through the Earth's atmosphere. Here are some intriguing examples of the green flash captured in the

Lighthouse & Lunar Green Flash, California, USA

North Sea Mirage, England

Scheveningen Mirage, The Netherlands

Green Flashes & Tilted Air, England

Mercury Transit Mirage, Iran

In-Flight Optics, Canada

Summer & Winter Fata Morganas, USA

Greenland Mirages

High & Low Green Flashes, South Africa

Ray Ducting, Alderney, Channel Islands

Cold Road Mirage, Russia

Miraged Mallorca, Spain

Winter Mirage, Sweden

Death Valley Mirage, USA

Miraged Sunset, The Netherlands

Red & Green Flashes, Sicily

Road Blink & Mirage, Idaho, USA

Moonset Distortions, Alaska, USA

Mock-Mirage Sunset, Hungary

Svalbard Mirage

Sunrise Green Flash, Taiwan

Many Moons, USA

Boiling Sunspots & Sunrise, Hungary

Mirages & Mirages, Poland

Dutch Stll Life Reflections

Novaya Zemlya Effect, Antarctica

Eclipse reds & blues plus airglow, Chile

Green Flash .. ..Up Close, The Netherlands

Green Rim .. ..and more, The Netherlands

Door Prisms, Switzerland

Mini Mirage, Scotland

Cloud Top Blue Flash, New Jersey, USA

Miraged Moonset, USA

Air Painting, Sweden

Miraged Ships2 - Strait of Juan de Fuca - USA/Canada

Miraged Ships - Strait of Juan de Fuca - USA/Canada

Mock-Mirage Sunset (video), California, USA

Yacht on Waterfall Sea

Miraged Eclipse

Hot Wall Lateral Mirage

Classical Green Flash

Flickering Sirius

Superior mirage/Fata Morgana, Bay of Fundy, Canada

Winter Sunset, Stockholm, Sweden

Ships & Mirages

Multiple Inferior Mirage Images

Mackinac Bridge Mirage

Strange Road Mirage

Topology & Mirages

Cloud Top Flashes

Fata Pelicana

Stacked Blue Moons, Argentina

Omega Mirages

Mirages & Sunspots

Mock-Mirage - Multiple Suns

Red Flash

Atmospheric Refraction - Venus

4 ships

River Danube Flood?

New Zealand Moonrise Mirage

"Superior" Superior Mirage

Sunrise Mirage

Green Flashes of Two Types

Waterfall Sea, Alderney

Tonga Green Flashes

Fluctuating Star Colours

Miraged Clouds

Looming, Towering, Green Flash

Errant Ski-Slope

Melting Radio Telescope

Flattened Sun

Californian Mock-Mirage

Moonrise over Lower Tatras

Tin Hat Mirage

Baltic Mirage

Maine Mirages

Welsh Blue Flash

Flashes of Two Kinds

Mirage Anatomy

Maryland Mirages

Alaskan Fata Morgana

La Silla Green Flash

Distorted Moonrise, Greece

Maine Full-Moon Rising

Ice Castles ~ Superior Mirage/Fata Morgana

Fjiord Mirage

Blue Flash, California

Distorted Sunset

Sunset Mirage

Not so inferior or humble mirage

Arctic Fata Morgana

Labor Weekend Moonrise Mirage

Flattened Moon

Sunset Mirage

Miraged icebergs, Greenland

Cornwall Green Flash

Cosmic Pumpkin

Green Rim

Alexandria Sunset

Montana Mesas?

Goodbye Hesperus

Once in a blue moon?

Finland Green Flashes

Etruscan Vase Moonrise, Maine

Alaska Fata Morgana

Green Flash, Austria

Moonset Mirage

Chromatic Glitter

Baltic refractions

Santa Cruz Superior Mirage

Strange ships

Moonset with silhouetted distant peaks

Over the horizon mountains + green flash

Provost, Alberta ~ Fata Morgana

Everest Alpenglow

Selsey Mirage


3 &Flash

Green Rim, Egypt

Sunrise Mirage

Impossible Moon

Distorted Moon

Mirages & Green Flashes

Fata Morgana

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