Brocken Spectre - Glory - Pilot's glory videos

Brocken Spectre - Glory - Pilot's Glory Videos

Atmospheric optics phenomena, such as the Brocken Spectre and glory, continue to captivate observers with their ethereal beauty and awe-inspiring displays. These optical illusions, caused by the interaction of light with water droplets or ice crystals in the atmosphere, create mesmerizing spectacles that leave viewers in wonder.

The Brocken Spectre: A Spectral Shadow on the Horizon

One remarkable atmospheric phenomenon is the Brocken Spectre, named after the Brocken, a peak in the Harz Mountains of Germany where it was first observed. This phenomenon occurs when a person's shadow is cast onto a cloud or fog bank, creating a magnified and often distorted image of themselves. The illusion is further enhanced by the presence of colored rings or halos around the shadow.

  • The Brocken Spectre can be seen when the sun is low on the horizon, and the observer is positioned above a layer of clouds or fog.
  • As the sunlight passes through the droplets or crystals in the air, it undergoes diffraction, resulting in the formation of the Brocken Spectre.
  • The size and shape of the Brocken Spectre depend on various factors, including the distance between the observer and the cloud/fog layer, as well as the size of the droplets or crystals.

The Glory: A Ring of Colored Light

Another enchanting atmospheric phenomenon is the glory. This optical phenomenon appears as a series of concentric rings of colored light surrounding the shadow of an observer, often seen when looking down from an airplane onto a cloud layer below. The rings of color are caused by diffraction and interference of light waves.

  • Glories are most commonly observed when an observer is situated above a cloud layer, with sunlight illuminating water droplets or small ice crystals in the clouds.
  • The size and intensity of a glory depend on the size and distribution of the droplets or crystals, as well as the observer's position relative to the cloud.
  • Glories are typically circular in shape, with the innermost ring appearing bluish and subsequent rings displaying a range of colors, including red, orange, and yellow.

Capturing the Magic: Pilot's Glory Videos

Videos capturing atmospheric optical phenomena offer a unique perspective and allow viewers to experience the beauty firsthand. One such video showcases the pilot's glory, taken by Val Salva of The Hurricane Hunters.

  • The pilot's glory is a rare phenomenon that occurs when an airplane's shadow is cast onto a cloud layer below, surrounded by concentric rings of colored light.
  • Val Salva's video captures the brilliance of the pilot's glory, showcasing the vibrant colors and the dynamic nature of the phenomenon.
  • The video reveals the thrill experienced by the observer as they fly towards a series of glories, with the shadow of the airplane growing larger until it appears as if they are about to collide with themselves.

The Fascination of Atmospheric Optics

The study and observation of atmospheric optics phenomena continue to intrigue scientists and enthusiasts alike. These phenomena serve as a reminder of the intricate interplay between light and the natural elements present in our atmosphere. The Brocken Spectre, glory, and pilot's glory videos offer glimpses into the enchanting world of atmospheric optics.

  • Atmospheric optics phenomena are not limited to these three examples. Other notable phenomena include rainbows, halos, and sundogs.
  • Understanding the physics behind these phenomena involves studying the behavior of light as it interacts with water droplets, ice crystals, and other atmospheric particles.
  • Advanced imaging techniques and high-resolution cameras have enabled researchers and photographers to capture these optical illusions in stunning detail, further enhancing our understanding and appreciation of their beauty.

In conclusion, the Brocken Spectre, glory, and pilot's glory videos showcase the captivating world of atmospheric optics. These phenomena, created by the interaction of light with water droplets or ice crystals in the atmosphere, offer a glimpse into the magic and wonder of our natural environment. Whether observed firsthand or through captivating videos, these optical illusions continue to inspire awe and fascination among all who witness them.

Brocken Spectre and GloryDarren Parker (Alpine saw this Brocken Spectre and glory with Andy Kimmerling and Alan Flight all of Chatel, France on the ridge of Mont de Grange, 2432m having climbed three peaks at Chatel in one day.The video opens with a single Brocken Spectre shadow. Spectral shadows of three climbers then appear. The central shadow, that of the climber holding the camera, is surrounded by a glory. Then, as thicker cloud sweeps in, the central Brocken Spectre lengthens frighteningly (or angelically) with the coloured glory continuing to ring its head. (5.2MB) ©Darren Parker, shown with permission

Pilot's Glory (118KB)Val Salva of The Hurricane Hunters shot this short movie. "I've been shooting glories for years, and seldom do they come out as brilliant as they appear in real life... it was fun to get the .mpeg. I only wish we had a movie camera the day we were running head-on to a series of glories as we were clipping some cloud tops. After we'd punch through one cloud, you'd see a tiny dot inside a glory straight ahead, then as we came closer, the shadow of the airplane would zoom larger and larger, until you were "crashing" head on with a "plane" the same size! Then darkness inside the cloud for a few seconds, and then it would start all over again. yee-hah!" (118 kb) ©Val Salva, shown with permission

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