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v3.3.0 - 29th January 2016

There has been one report that TiltingSun3 will not redraw on Windows10. It installs OK but clicking the 'Draw' button gives an error message and the program then closes in an orderly manner. The graphics version does the same. TiltingSun3 installed and ran OK on another Windows10 machine.

If this happens, the following has suceeded in getting TS to run normally:

  1) Right click on tiltingsun300.EXE and select 'properties'
  2) Open 'compatibility' and select 'run as administrator. You could also select an earlier version of Windows.

Please report any Windows10 issues.

pre v3.3.0 - 20 March 2011
A few installations of Win7 and Vista can produce an Error 75 message. This is
a Microsoft bug. Version 3.0.0 overcomes this issue.

pre v2.8.0
The parameter Lo displayed 180° from its correct value for a few days each year.
Resolved in v2.8.0 of TiltingSun and the matching graphics version.

pre v2.5.0
Handling and storage of non-integer time zone differences is erratic.
Resolved in v2.5.0 of 20 Mar 08

pre v2.0.1
TiltingSun v2.0.0 sometimes freezes when multiple windows open.
Resolved in v2.0.1 of 26 Oct 06

pre v2.0.0

Solar declinations between 0 and -1° displayed as positive.
Resolved in v2.0.0 of 24 Oct 06

pre v1.1.6

Program does not show on task bar.
v1.1.6 of 16 Aug 06 resolves this issue.

pre v1.1.6
Gives 'Fault 13' when run on some French Operating Systems.
v1.1.6 of 16 Aug 06 resolves this issue.