Nacreous Clouds


    Nacreous clouds shine brightly in the twilight sky.

Photographed in Leeds, England by Lee Montgomerie and Chris Terran (website) on 16th February 1996.

©Lee Montgomerie and Chris Terran, shown with permission.

  This stupendous display on a day of ferocious surface gales was seen over much of England and Scotland. The clouds were even visible again at dawn on the 17th. The brightness and colours shown here are no exaggeration. The film-like clouds were unreal, blazing in the stratospheric sunlight as though internally lit by electrical discharges. As they seemingly unhurriedly sheared and stretched in stratospheric winds, their hues shifted through metallic greens, pinks and blues. Their great height was revealed by their slow silent motion compared to that of ragged dark lower clouds scudding beneath.