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   Supralateral arc II

The England 9th February '01 display from the University of Birmingham.

The display had faded somewhat when Ant Veal et.al. captured this all-sky view at 12.35 UTC.

The supralateral arc stretches from near to the zenith right down to the campus clock tower at left.

Simulations of the supralateral arc and a 46° halo overlie the image below. They show how difficult it can be to distinguish between them.

Image ŠAnt Veal et. al., reproduced with permission.

Superimposed simulation

Red spots trace supralateral and upper tangent arcs from horizontal column crystals.

Blue spots trace 46° and 22° circular halos formed by poorly oriented crystals.

Green spots mark the parhelic circle - plate crystals.

Grey dashes are the simulation horizon (the camera was tilted slightly from the zenith).