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A Solidity of Rays

Two images by Dhanishta Devi in the Tweed Valley, NSW, Australia.

Rays are nearly not there. Insubstantial, dreamy. Figured of bright motes drifting on airy wafts. Sun flecked dust. Drops star-like too small for the eye but for their glints.

Yet they are the most solid of those effects of light playing in our skies.

Dance around these tree carved rays. Walk through them. Let them spotlight a pretty face.

Try that with a rainbow, or an ice halo. Remote, impossible, ungraspable.

Rays fill space, they are there.

Rainbows and halos shy away to infinity. Smoke and mirror illusions of directed light that happen upon our eye to tease the mind.

Miles high yet equally space filling. From sunshine and misty air.

Images ©Dhanishta Devi, shown with permission