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Halos  imaged by Erik Aaseth at Skarstind, Jotunheimen National Park, Oppland County, Norway, May 28, '08.
Image ©Erik Aaseth, shown
with permission.

A colourful halo surrounds the sun, likely a 22°. However, the previous day had seen pyramidal crystal halos over Norway and they appear here too. Close to the sun there is a 9° halo and the diffuse brightness beyond the outer ring is suggestive of a 24° halo. There is possibly also a lower 24° plate arc from partially oriented pyramidal crystals.

A faint parhelic circle crosses the sun and on the circle, well beyond the 22° halo, are two sundogs.

The halos appear non circular because they are off-centre in this wide angle view.

My thanks to Marko Riikonen for the interpretation.