Ice Fog Halos

Therese Midtskogen captured these halos at Oslo.   Wobbly plate crystals in low level ice fog produced intense sub-horizon halos - a lower sun pillar and, at right, the coloured arc linking sundog and subparhelion.   In a time lapse video by Steinar Midtskogen a rare Moilanen arc flickers back and forth into visibility.

©Therese & Steinar Midtskogen.
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Left: Steinar Midtskogen's video shows a rare Moilanen arc and halos coming and going as the sun slides downwards during a frosty December afternoon.
Right:   Wobbly plate crystals produce elongated sundogs and sub-parhelia that can overlap to form a continuous arc.

Below the sun, the plates glint an intense lower sun pillar.
Individual plate crystals glint their light towards the camera to form the sun pillar. Pillars are not - as too often stated - upwards and downward 'beams of light'!