Jupiter Corona/Aureole   

An impressively large corona/aureole around Jupiter. Imaged by P-M Hedén (Clear Skies - Astro & Sky Images, TWAN member) at Albo, Sweden.
  ©P-M Hedén, shown with permission.

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Small water droplets in very thin cloud have diffracted the light of Jupiter to form this red fringed aureole, the central disk of a corona, some 5° in diameter.     Had the water droplets been of more uniform size an outer coloured ring might also have been visible.  

In principle coronae can surround any light source but usually they can only be detected around the Sun, the Moon and sometimes bright Venus.     Here, Jupiter was shining at magnitude -2.9 at a distance of 600 million miles.

The exposure was 10s @ f/2.8 ISO 1600.