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High Sun Halos imaged by Pennina Neumann (images) during Israel's
outstanding display on March 7, 2007.
©Pennina Neumann.

The 52° high sun produced a sundog far along the parhelic circle and beyond the 22° and circumscribed halos. Sundogs are only 22° from the sun at sunrise and sunset. More on sundogs in the next update.

Rare high sun Parry arcs curve outwards from the circumscribed halo to touch the bright parhelic circle behind the sundog.

The Parrys were not the only rare arcs!    See the next "Today's Feature" for more on this display.

HaloSim produced the 30 million ray simulation.

Sundogs - Parhelia        Parry arcs         HaloSim                       Another Mar 7 image