Summer Halo Display, Norway - A reminder of sumer imaged by Odd Høydalsvik near noon June 14th '09. The sun was 51 degrees high. ©Odd Høydalsvik, shown with permission.

The halo forming crystals are in high cirrus haze.

A bright and colourful circumscribed halo dominates the display. If the sun were much higher it would be almost circular and easily mistaken for a 22 degree halo. The latter is the faint circle sunward of the the circumscribed arc.

A parhelic circle passes through the sun.

There is a strongly slanting sundog that - at this solar altitude - is well outside the 22 degree halo. Sundogs are only ever 22° distant when the sun is on the horizon, they get progressively further from the sun as it climbs in the sky.


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