All in a Day - Images by Jonathon Stone. ©Jonathon Stone, shown with permission.

"April 22, was a pretty awesome day, as far as optics go, in Auburn, Alabama. I thought I'd share my photos... Woke up early to catch the Venus/Moon conjunction. A few clouds drifted in front of the two, making a small aureole [about coronae & aureoles] around each.

Then I found a pond with fog rising off it, so I thought I'd stop and get a few pics... as the sun rose through the trees it made crepuscular rays and another corona in the fog!

On my way home I drove through a patch of fog, decided to stop, see if maybe there was a fogbow... sure enough!

Had to get back for school! As i was walking, I looked down at my shadow and noticed the heiligenschein in the dew. First time I have seen this.

That evening, a friend and I decided to go take pictures of the sunset, a sun pillar appeared, I thought that was nice end to the day! "

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