Antisolar Rays, Tibet, China

Imaged by Jeff Dai at Lake Peiku-Tso 4600m altitude near Shishapangma the world's 14th highest mountain. "Tibet offers amazing sky conditions, I enjoyed anticrepuscular rays nearly every day during my trip on October. 2014".     Images ©Jeff Dai
The rays apparently converge towards the antisolar point.  They are thus better called antisolar rays rather than anticrepuscular.

They are, of course, parallel. Perspective has them converge, like railroad tracks, roads and ploughed fields.

The rays paradoxically brighten as they approach the antisolar point and also get more distant.   The camera is then looking more directly along their length and seeing a longer path through their sunlit air.

Everest and Cho'oyo bathed in Alpenglow with antisolar rays above them.

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Mount Everest with antisolar rays crossing the sky.