Fogbow, Brocken Spectre & Glory

Images by Boris Borisovitch (journal). Taken one morning on Mount Yukspor, Khibini mountains in the centre of the Kola Peninsula, Arctic Russia (67.4N 33.4E).

Boris casts a long shadow through the thin mist to create a ghostly ‘Brocken Spectre’.

Surrounding his head’s shadow, or more accurately the position the camera shadow would occupy, is a small bright circular glory.

The whole scene is dominated by a huge and almost white fogbow with an inner, more coloured, supernumerary fringe.

An account of the morning with many more images is here.

All images ©Boris Borisovitch, Snowman_pro and shown with permission
Enhancement reveals traces of the rarely seen or photographed secondary fogbow. The outer bow is the diffraction equivalent of the secondary rainbow.
The glory is rather more sensitive to droplet size than the fogbow. Its size changed during the apparition.

The central glory is more mysterious. It has no classical ray path analogue - That shown is impossible for water drops.

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Waves internally reflected once make the fogbow. Wave spread, diffraction, gives a diffuse almost colourless ring rather than the sharp highly coloured rainbow produced by much larger raindrops.
Incoming plane waves of sunlight scatter from small mist droplets to form an outgoing stream of spherical waves.