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 The Antisolar Point, Arizona, USA

 Fogbow Supernumeraries & Glory, Hawaii

 Twilight Diary, The Netherlands

 Ama Dablam Shadows, Nepal

 In-Flight Optics, Canada

 Summer & Winter Fata Morganas, USA

 Volcanic Sunset, California, USA

 Camera & Painting, Indonesia

 Moonbows & Lava, Hawaii

 Moai, Saturn, Corona - Easter Island

 Greenland Mirages

 Fire & Ice, Light Pillars, Sicily, Italy

 Twinned Rainbow, Spain

 Two-State Pyramidal Crystal Halo Display, USA

 Alder Pollen Corona, Germany

 Corona + Iridescence, Italy

 Ojos del Salado skies, Chile

 Reflection Rainbows, North Uist, Scotland

 Very Rare Swedish Halos

 Some Halo History, Greeks to Scientific Revolution

 Odd pyramidal halos, Botswana

 Mollusc Shells II

 Mollusc Shells

 Tall and bright pillar, Barcelona, Spain

 Oval Coronae & Aureoles Around Stars

 High & Low Green Flashes, South Africa

 Perfect Lower Tangent Arc, Italy

 Sea Spray Bow, Alderney

 Atomic Fogbow

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