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 Camera & Painting, Indonesia

 Moonbows & Lava, Hawaii

 Moai, Saturn, Corona - Easter Island

 Greenland Mirages

 Fire & Ice, Light Pillars, Sicily, Italy

 Twinned Rainbow, Spain

 Two-State Pyramidal Crystal Halo Display, USA

 Alder Pollen Corona, Germany

 Corona + Iridescence, Italy

 Ojos del Salado skies, Chile

 Reflection Rainbows, North Uist, Scotland

 Very Rare Swedish Halos

 Some Halo History, Greeks to Scientific Revolution

 Odd pyramidal halos, Botswana

 Mollusc Shells II

 Mollusc Shells

 Tall and bright pillar, Barcelona, Spain

 Oval Coronae & Aureoles Around Stars

 High & Low Green Flashes, South Africa

 Perfect Lower Tangent Arc, Italy

 Sea Spray Bow, Alderney

 Atomic Fogbow

 Vertical rainbows

 Why are there rainbows?

 Quetelet Colours, USA

 Ray Ducting, Alderney, Channel Islands

 Puzzling Triple Rainbow, NC, USA

 Halos & The Myth of Ixion

 Birefringent Ice, Russia

 Florida Keys Sundogs

 Lunar Lowitz Halos, Finland

 Order from Disorder, Switzerland

 A Roundness of water Drops, Belgium

 Duality of Rainbows, USA

 Light Pillars with a difference, Sweden

 Cold Road Mirage, Russia

 Cloudbow, England

 Cloudbow, London

 Alamut Castle Light Pillars, Iran

 Miraged Mallorca, Spain

 CD Sun Circles

 Greenland Halos

 Mystery Bright Spot, England

 Rays and Shadows, Hong Kong

 Winter Mirage, Sweden

 Rain Sheet Screens, Colorado, USA

 Antisolar Rays & belt of Venus, Hawaii, USA

 1979 Lowitz Observation, USA

 Noctilucent Clouds, England

 All day halos, Sweden

 High Altitude Halos, USA

 Nova Scotia Halos, Canada

 Death Valley Mirage, USA

 Lower Parry Arc, Finland

 New Book - Atmospheric Phenomena

 Nearly Endless Rainbows, Germany

 Impressionist Reflections

 Circumhorizon Arc, USA

 Miraged Sunset, The Netherlands

 Strange Antisolar Shadows

 Pollen Corina, Hungary

 Peeping through Curtains

 A Solidity of Rays, Australia

 Orographic Cloud iridescence, Italy

 Belt of Venus, Antarctica

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