A duality of rainbows
Imaged by Michael Ellestad. There are two sets of primary and secondary bow. Primaries with red outside and secondaries with colours reversed. Not quite rainbows. They are pastel hued and broad. Their water drops were small. Any smaller and we might call them fog or mist bows.

Image ©Michael Ellestad, shown with permission

Michel took two high power LED flash-lights, placed them 2m apart and crossed their beams.   The camera was placed where they crossed.  “If you were on an Earth like exoplanet orbiting a binary star system like Star Wars’ Tatooine and if a rain shower come thru this is what it could look like.”

No need to travel to Tatooine.   Find a smooth lake, rain wet parking lot or wave wet beach sand.  Look opposite the sun to see a similar sight.   Sunlight reflects upwards from the mirror like water.  To a raindrop there are two suns shining.   Who could fail to make two sets of rainbows with such a sight?

Niagara floodlights rainbows

Reflected sun rainbows                          Another

Torchlight fogbow

Supernova rainbow